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Set in 1557 France, the series follows the life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots at French court while she awaits her marriage to Francis, France's future king, to whom she has been engaged since they were six. At court, Mary has to contend with the changing politics and power plays, as well as her burgeoning feelings for Francis and the romantic attentions from Francis' bastard half-brother, Bash. Francis' mother, Queen Catherine de' Medici, is secretly trying to prevent the marriage due to a prediction from seer Nostradamus, that the marriage will lead to Francis' death. The series also follows the affairs of Mary's Scottish handmaidens Kenna, Aylee, Lola and Greer, who are searching for husbands of their own at court.

Adelaide Kaine as Mary, Queen os Scots
Toby Regbo as Dauphin Francis
Torrance Coombs as Sebastian (Bash)
Megan Follows as  Catherine de' Medici
Alan Van Sprang as King Henry II of France
Anna Walton as Diane de Poitiers
Rossif Sutherland as Nostradamus
Anna Popplewell as Lola
Kaitlin Stasey as Kenna
Celina Sinden as Greer
Jenessa Grant as Aylee

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